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The Master’s in Construction Management & Engineering is a fulltime study programme that consists of two years, in which you will collect a total of 120 EC. In your first year and the first quartile of the second year, you will follow (elective) courses and you will end your Master’s by writing your master’s thesis.

European Credit Transfer System

Student workload at Dutch universities is expressed in EC, also named ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), which is widely used throughout the European Union. In the Netherlands, each credit represents 28 hours of work.

What your curriculum will look like exactly, depends on the choices you make in composing your Master’s. For example, you will choose one of the two profiles around which you will build your Master’s:

Within these profiles, you will compose a set of courses that match your interests and ambitions. There is plenty of elective space! You can choose courses offered at UT (of the Master’s in Civil Engineering & Management or the Master’s in Industrial Design Engineering, for example), but moreover, you can follow courses at Eindhoven University of Technology or Delft University of Technology. Find out what your curriculum looks like by choosing a profile first.

Master’s thesis

You will end your Master’s in Construction Management & Engineering with your master’s thesis. The choice of your graduation subject is largely up to you – and the profile you’ve chosen. You could, for example, focus on sustainability and circularity, urban planning and governance, digitisation, procurement strategies, simulations using BIM, international collaboration, or risk management, to name just a few of the many available topics within this Master’s.

Most students complete their graduation project at an external organisation, either in the Netherlands or abroad. This is a highly recommended option since it is a great opportunity to combine your academic skills with experience in the professional field.

Your master’s thesis could involve undertaking projects such as:

Digital Technologies in Construction

  • Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) to automate environmental impact assessments on infrastructure design, in order to determine the degree of sustainability of an infrastructure project.
  • Optimising the design of wind turbine foundations by building a machine learning model that can predict the performance of different design alternatives.

Markets & Organisation of Construction

  • Analysing the current use of circular economy principles in construction-related policies and procurement practices of municipalities and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Coming up with a documentation strategy for engineering firms in order to work in a transparent and traceable way, something that is increasingly required in today’s world.
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