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Integrated Civil Engineering Systems

The specialization Integrated Civil Engineering Systems focuses on multidisciplinary aspects within civil engineering. Think, for example, of hydraulic and geotechnical aspects of civil engineering constructions or sustainability in civil engineering.

Civil Engineering Systems often have a highly multidisciplinary character. Think, for example, of projects in urban areas, where issues like mobility or water management are just as vital as the actual construction. Sustainability, of course, is important in in many different subfields of civil engineering. Within this specialization we have defined four separate profiles:

  • Civil Engineering Structures, with courses such as Morphology, Geo Risk Assessment and Hydraulic Engineering;
  • Modelling and Forecasting, with courses such as Statistics and Probability, Data Analysis in Water Engineering & Management, Mathematical Optimization and Network Equilibrium Analysis;
  • Sustainability, with courses such as Sustainability and Circularity in Civil Engineering, Water Footprint Assessment, Sustainable Transport and Water and Energy
  • Smart Cities, with courses such as Planning and Process Management and Urban Water Management 
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