The two-year Applied Physics Master’s programme starts in September and February.

It is taught entirely in English and leads to the title of Master of Science (MSc). The Applied Physics programme comprises a total of 120 ECTS credits.

Year 1

In the first year of this Master's programme you will take four general basic science courses related to physics theory, mathematical techniques, applied physics and experimental physics. Together these compulsory courses cover the entire scope of the programme. The four courses are divided over the four quartiles. As a result, you and your fellow students will get together on a regular basis throughout the first year. A third part of the year consists of these four compulsory courses, another third concerns specialization with some elective space (with one compulsory course and a number of recommended courses for each chair), the final third is completely elective.

Year 2

The second year is the practical year. You can now choose to focus on fundamental science, e.g. by doing research in a research group and an internship at a research institute. On the other hand, you can also opt for a more engineering driven approach to research, combined with an industry internship. If necessary, we can help you to extend your internship beyond the prescribed 20 EC (three months). We have learned that (especially large) companies consider six months the minimum for a productive internship. Should you go for such an extended internship, it goes without saying that we will have some careful thinking to do about your study planning.

For a complete course overview and curriculum, please visit the program website of Applied Physics

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