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Transfer minor during your university of applied sciences (HBO) programme

As a student of a Dutch HBO bachelor's programme, you can transfer to a one-year or two-year University of Twente master's programme. A HBO bachelor's programme does not offer a seamless transition into a university master's programme. In most cases, to be able to take up a master's programme you need to first finish a pre-master's programme to get your knowledge to the required level. You can already fit the pre-master's programme into your bachelor's programme, for instance as your minor, or enrol after your HBO bachelor's programme if you already obtained your degree.

The pre-master's programme as a transfer minor

University of applied sciences (HBO) students can choose to complete (part of) the pre-master's programme with a transfer minor. A transfer minor is the same as a pre-master's programme; the only thing that is different is the route you take – during or after your bachelor's programme. The transfer minor offers you a unique opportunity that not only saves a significant amount of time, but also saves on costs; you are already paying tuition for your HBO bachelor's programme after all. Moreover, the transfer minor will already give you an idea of whether your future master's programme fits your expectations.

Contents of the transfer minor

The content and admission requirements of the transfer minor differ per master's programme and can be found under the pre-master's programme of the master's programme of your choice. You can also find a lot of information on the specific content of each independent transfer minor in Kies Op Maat.

Admission to which master's programme?

You can use the transfer matrix to already get an idea of the master's programmes on offer at the UT and specifically the master's programmes you are eligible for after completion of your transfer minor. If there is no information on the transfer from your university of applied sciences (HBO)/master's programme to the UT, then please check the master's programme in question or contact the Study Information Centre.

Starting dates

Most transfer minors begin in September, but for a number of minors beginning in February is also an option.

Admission requirements

There are admission requirements for anyone wishing to be admitted to the transfer minor. Apart from a university of applied sciences (HBO) education in a related field and a positive recommendation from your examination board, the following applies:

1) All study credits from the first and second year of the programme must have been obtained.

2) Requirements can be set to the level of English and mathematics* relevant to the programme. They vary per educational programme. Check the pre-master's overview for the specific admission requirements for the pre-master's programme in question.

You meet the admission requirements:

  • by having already obtained a pre-university education (VWO) diploma;
  • by meeting the language requirements for international students;
  • by having taken sufficient English and/or mathematics as part of the first and second year of the educational programme;
  • by successfully completing an additional English and/or mathematics course. Additional courses are offered by Babel and Boswell Beta or the Open Universiteit, for instance. Saxion also offers specifically tailored transfer courses (only accessible to Saxion students).

As most master's programmes are taught in English and because a sound level of mathematics is indispensable, we advise you to refresh or train your knowledge of English and mathematics (even if this is not a prerequisite) before starting the pre-master's programme.

*Note: For mathematics there is a distinction between the so-called technical (VWO-B) and non-technical mathematics (VWO-A) intended for transfer to technical and non-technical master's programmes respectively.

Applying for the transfer minor

You can apply for a transfer minor on the Kies Op Maat website. For more information, check the application page, you will also find information regarding required documents here.

Experiences of university of applied sciences (HBO) students

Read how other HBO students experienced transferring during or after the HBO educational programme.

Information event for the master's programme and corresponding pre-master's programme

HBO students who wish to transfer to the University of Twente often have specific questions. That is why we are organizing a special Q&A session for HBO students on our master's open day.

Moreover, Saxion students can attend a special information session "with minor to master" on the transfer to the University of Twente, offered twice a year at Saxion. We are also present at several minor fairs at various universities of applied sciences.

Read more about the different information sessions organized by the University of Twente.

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