Regular UT minors

Use the minor tool of options to see which minors you are allowed to take

The UT offers, besides a few special options, a vast selection of other UT minors. The majority of these UT minors are part of an educational programme. Which means, you are joining a module of another study programme. This offers you a chance to broaden your horizon. Besides these broadening minors, the UT offers specially developed minors. These minors offer you a chance to deepen your knowledge. These deepening minors are mostly limited in the accessibility. Not all study programmes can join these because of the previous knowledge you need to have required. The phase of the module shows whether it’s an broadening (part of a programme) minor (M1, M2, M5, M6) or a deepening minormodule (M9, M10).

In the tool of options is shown which minors you are allowed to take. More information about the regular UT-modules can be found in the Osiris course catalogue.


Always read the course information (click on the name of the minor in the tool of options). Please pay special attention to possible additional requirements (assumed previous knowledge). Check also whether the minor is held in the (for you) suitable language.