Use the minor tool of options to see which minors you are allowed to take
Transfer minor

Do you already know that you want to transfer to another master? Taking a transfer minor can save you time and money. With assistance of this transfer matrix you can quickly see what your options are. Here you'll find more information.

Minor abroad

Within the elective space students have the possibility to opt for a stay abroad. Bear in mind that it can take six to twelve months to complete all the necessary preparations for study or internship abroad, so start familiarizing yourself as soon as possible. Get in touch with your faculty contact person for specific information concerning studying or doing an internship abroad. More information about spending (a part of) a semester abroad can be found on the UT study abroad website.

Minor at another educational institute

The UT is part of a partnership between different educational institutes, it’s called Kies op Maat. Via Kies op Maat (KOM) you’re able to apply for a minor at another educational institute. Your examination board needs to approve your minor of choice before you can start this minor. 

Want to take a minor at another educational institute? Write a proposal in collaboration with your study advisor. This needs to be submitted to your examination board, who have to approve. If the other educational institute need a payment for taking this minor, make sure your study advisor and examination board are aware of this fact.