Offer - Tool of options

The UT offers a lot of minors. The minor tool of options has been developed, to offer you some assistance during the orientation process. By selecting your educational program, you will see a list of all the minors that you are allowed to take. By clicking on the minor in the tool of options, you will be directed to the course information in the course catalogue. If you prefer to view the tool in fullscreen, click here

The minors of the second semester that can be found in the tool of options, are based on the offer of course year 2017-2018. Around autumn the offer will be definitive for course year 2018-2019.  

Always read the course information (click on the name of the minor in the tool of options). Please pay special attention to possible additional requirements (assumed previous knowledge). Check also whether the minor is held in the (for you) suitable language.

The minor tool of options 

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