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Student counselling

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There are important things you can encounter as a first-year student and have to deal with. Therefore you have to know for sure how and where you can get relevant information and advice. For example what are your legal rights and duties? What is to be done when there are personal circumstances that might affect and delay your study? What special facilities are possible and where can you go for support? And what about financial support, are you entitled to any grants or loans? 

STUDENT COUNSELLING versus study advisor

Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC) is the first point of contact for students with concerns and circumstances interfering with academic performance. Your Study Adviser is there to provide guidance about your programme, timetable, or academic progress. You can also approach him or her regarding personal problems, disability, or learning difficulty issues. A Study Adviser can either help directly, refer you to other services, or help you to draw up a study plan that fits your circumstances. A Student Counsellor offers guidance on a range of issues including personal problems, finances, academic progress, as well as confidential questions or complaints. The Diversity coordinator/Disability services coordinator works across university departments to help solve problems related to your religious identity, sexual orientation, cultural background, disability, medical or psychological condition. Pressures can intensify at certain times of the academic year, or arise unexpectedly in our personal lives. The student counselling service can help you find a solution, or at least view the issue from a more manageable perspective.

You can also check out our range of services, including individual coaching and counselling and group training.

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