Studying at the university of Twente? Let's meet (online)! 

Choosing your future bachelor’s is an important decision in your life. To assist you, you can take part in our various orienteering activities, online or on our campus.

  • Skype with a student

    Gain first-hand experience from a first or second-year student of a bachelor's programme of your interest. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about the programme and the university. 

  • Webinars

    Learn about our university and it's programmes and the practical side of things via our webinars. Check the upcoming webinars!

  • (Online) Open Days

    Interesting for: international high school/secondary school students and Dutch VWO pre-university education grade 4, 5 and 6 students.

    The (Online) Open Days happen twice a year in March and November. These are full days of online activities to enable you to (virtually) explore our English-taught bachelor’s programmes and the University of Twente. 

    You will obtain information about by talking directly to current students and to their teachers. If you are a first-year international high school/secondary school student or a Dutch VWO pre-university education student in grade 4 or 5 we recommend you visit the Bachelor’s (Online) Open Days in March. If you already are in your final year of pre-university education and would like to get more information, come and visit our (Online) Open Days in November.

    Check if the registration is already open!

  • Student for a Day - individual orientation day

    Period: On working days from 14 October until 30 June 
    Time: 1 day, choose your own date!
    Interesting for: a final and pre-final year international high school students and Dutch VWO pre-university education grade 5 and 6 students

    As a student for a day, you’ll get a taste of student life at the University of Twente and gain first-hand experience from a first or second year student of a Bachelor's programme you are interested in. Tip: To get the complete picture, we recommend you to first visit an Open Day before participating in a Student for a Day. If this is not possible due to your travel plans, we will, of course, welcome you in any of the study orientation activities. For more information and registration visit our websites:

  • Pre-University

    Pre-U organizes different kinds of activities for secondary school students, ranging from short workshops and camps to programmes lasting several weeks. Pre-U offers a variety of programmes on all sorts of topics and gives insight into the university’s study programmes.

Personal contact

Do you have any questions, still have doubts or simply want more information? Call, chat or email the Study Information Centre. A team of enthusiastic students is ready to answer all your questions.

Do you still have specific questions about the study programme or questions regarding your own personal situation? In that case request a meeting with one of the study advisers (for Dutch students only).

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