Year 3

Year 3

9 Elective

10 Elective

11 COM @ work

12 Bachelor thesis


In the third study year, you will have 30 EC (two quarters) of free space. You can use this elective space for deepening and broadening your interests. You can also choose to complement your knowledge in a totally different professional area and follow a minor offered by other UT bachelor programmes, such as: We Create Identity, Smart Environments, Professional Learning in Organisations, Psychology of Safety, or Public Management. As a third option, you can also use your elective space to do an internship at an external organisation or to study abroad.


We believe it is important that our students orient themselves on their professional lives after graduation. Therefore, in this module you will familiarize and engage with the professional field of communication professionals. By means of smaller assignments and site visits you will get a clear view of what to expect of life after study. This will be a so-called “stretch module”, which means it is scheduled parallel to the Bachelor thesis.


You will finish the Communication Science programme with a bachelor’s thesis. This means carrying out independent research on a practical and relevant subject. You will conduct literature research and collect empirical data, using the outcomes to develop practical recommendations. You will then write a research report and present the results during a symposium.

A few examples of graduation research topics:

  • Online shops: in an online shop, will incorporating a maximum number of elements from a physical shop (such as other customers, music, or interactions with employees) help to give consumers the feeling they are having a ‘real’ shopping experience?
  • News apps: why do some news notifications prompt receivers to immediately read the entire news article on their smart phones, while other notifications do not?
  • Autonomous vehicles: why do autonomous vehicles meet with resistance in society? Could it be that subconsciously we struggle to relinquish our autonomy even though we know that autonomous vehicles are better for the environment?
  • Healthcare: how can we use technology to improve healthcare? And, more specifically, what are the requirements for a web portal that facilitates communication between therapists and their clients?           
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