Study programme

The third year 

The programme in the third year.

Modules 9 and 10: Electives

In the third study year, you will have 30 EC (two quarters) of elective space. You can use this elective space for detailing and broadening your study. You can also choose to complement your knowledge in a totally different professional area, such as:

  1. We Create Identity (BSc Create)
  2. Smart Environments (BSc Create)
  3. Professional Learning in Organizations (MSc Educational Science and Technology)
  4. Psychology of Safety (BSc Psychology)
  5. Human Factors & Engineering Psychology (BSc Psychology)
  6. Public Management (BSc European Public Administration)

Another possibility is to do an internship within an organization, or to study abroad.

Module 11: A Better World (201700207)

In this module you get to tackle a really challenging problem, putting into practice the knowledge, skills and tools you will have gained in all the preceding modules. Our conviction that communication pervades most of the central problems in our world today means that we want to equip communication students like you  to reduce harm and to do good. Reflection is central to this module, and the projects you can choose from cover themes like democracy, social injustice, climate change, and the Internet of Things.

Click here for more information about this module.

Module 12: Bachelor Thesis

You will complete the Bachelor’s programme with a Bachelor’s thesis. This means you will independently conduct a study into a practically-relevant topic. Your study will involve literature research as well as empirical data collection. Your research findings will lead to practical recommendations. You will write a research report and present your findings at a symposium.


After getting your Bachelor’s degree you will have the Bachelor of Science title, which allows you to immediately progress to the Master’s programme in Communication Studies at the University of Twente. The options on the labour market after Communication Science are very diverse. 

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