Communication Science

Admission FOR THE BACHELOR’S PROGRAMME IN communication science


In order to be eligible for admission to the Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science, you must meet a number of requirements, depending on whether your previous education was in the Netherlands or elsewhere.


  • Dutch students
    You can be admitted to our Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science with any Dutch vwo (pre-university) profile. If you have an university of applied sciences degree or have completed the first year of an university of applied sciences, you can also enrol for the Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science. It is helpful if you have completed mathematics with statistics during your studies at the university of applied sciences or high school.

  • International students
    Students with a school-leaving certificate from another country will be admitted to the programme provided the certificate is equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma (for example, the German Abitur, the Belgian Diploma van Secundair Onderwijs, or the International or European Baccalaureate).


A further requirement is that you must have a reasonable grasp of mathematics and a satisfactory command of English. This can either have been part of your pre-university education, or, alternatively, you can meet this requirement by passing the University of Twente entrance exam.

Students with a German Abitur certificate with Mathematik and Englisch up until the final exams will be directly admitted to the Communication Science programme without any further requirements being set. Students with a different foreign certificate of previous education are advised to contact the Admission Office of the University of Twente early on. The Admission Office will then determine whether you meet the admission requirements for the Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science.


This programme does not restrict enrolments.


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