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The Netherlands has a moderate climate with gentle winters, cool summers, and rainfall in every season.

With the North Sea on its doorstep and the absence of mountains, Dutch weather can be quite unpredictable with a chance of rainfall every day. The country doesn't have raining seasons or long periods of drought.

Weather per season

Every season has his own characteristics, but as Dutch people like to say: "nothing as unpredictable as the weather." 

  • Spring in the Netherlands

    Officially, spring begins on the twentieth of March. During the spring the temperature slowly rises and the green environment that regions like Twente are known for start to blossom. Spring is the season of new life and that is no different in the Netherlands. A visit to the Keukenhof, one of the world's largest flower gardens located in the Netherlands, is highly recommended. 

    Normally the average temperature in the Dutch spring is just below 10º C. In the first month of this season, the average temperature is just below seven degrees Celcius. This temperature naturally rises during the following months.

  • Summer in the Netherlands

    The summer in the Netherland, that takes place from 20 June to 22 September, is characterized by relatively warm weather, longer daylight, less rainfall and the more frequent occurrence of thunderstorms.

    There are usually a few fairly hot days where the temperature rises to 30º Celsius. The summer of 2019, however, was one of the warmest summers ever in the Netherlands with temperatures rising to 40º Celsius and above. The average temperature of the Dutch summer lies around 17 degrees Celcius.

  • Autumn in the Netherlands

    Averagely speaking, autumn is the wettest season in the Netherlands. It officially starts around the end of September and usually lasts till December the 21st.

    Autumn is the month in which trees lose their leaves and mushrooms begin to grow. The sunshine starts to get weaker, temperatures slowly drop and the days get shorter. The average temperature in the Netherlands during autumn lies just below 11Cº Celsius.

  • Winter in the Netherlands

    During wintertime (December till March) temperatures will regularly go down below the freezing point. It is important to dress warmly during these days. Because of snowfall, you'll probably see a white campus at least once.

    If you spend a winter in the Netherlands, by about March you will understand why Dutch people talk so much about the glorious sunshine of countries to the south, and why the minute that spring arrives they run out and turn their faces to the sun every chance they get.

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