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Our fields of research stretch from creation, innovation and development to adopting and crafting digital technologies that suit our everyday needs, desires and habits. By doing this, we add value and discover what our society can and is willing to adopt and use. Furthermore, we provide insight regarding the challenges we face in the future. Digitalization reshapes society in every sector of human activity, which makes our playing fields broad and diverse. To name a few: we are active in personalized healthcare & wellbeing, energy transition, cyber security & privacy, people-centered robotics, and sustainable supply chains. Increasingly more, our research is driven by data-driven solutions and artificial intelligence.

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Our research focuses on natural, societal and industrial challenges, which serve as starting points for our way to work and have one common denominator: digital technologies. Our work contributes to solving three main challenges.

Developing reliable and robust digital technologies

Society needs technologies it can trust. They have to be both safe and robust in order to meet this challenge. This means technology has to work like electricity or water: it’s always there and you never have to worry about its availability or functionality.

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Adoption and use of new technologies

Digital technologies are potentially disruptive to society. The digital divide due to the lack of technological knowledge already excludes too many people from certain processes like DigiD, an online identification method used by the Dutch government to communicate with its citizens.

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Enabling well-informed decision making

Turning right because your navigation system tells you to do it. Base your vote in elections on software that helps you determine your political preferences. Buy a book because Amazon.com recommended it for you. These are just a few situations in which we make decisions based on information from digital systems.

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