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Digital technologies are potentially disruptive to society. The digital divide of people due to technological knowledge already excludes them from certain processes like DigiD, an online identification method used by the Dutch government to communicate with its citizens. Elderly people are a prime example of a group that (in part) does not have the knowledge to use this process. Furthermore, some of them do not even want or see the need to. This is a situation DSI strives to avoid. All new digital technologies should be suitable to everyone’s needs and desires and designed in a way that all potential users understand and are able to have access to them.

DSI works with other institutes and faculties at the University of Twente to combine our deep knowledge of these subjects, like Behavioral Management and Social Sciences (BMS) and the Techmed Center. Together we also tackle questions regarding the way technological solutions interact with the environments in which they are placed. How should a social robot behave when interacting with various patients in a hospital? In which departments can they be most effective? Which security standards apply and how do we make sure they act accordingly? These are all questions DSI helps to answer.   

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Besides the examples mentioned above, we work with almost all faculties at the University of Twente. External partners, ranging from government institutions to healthcare providers and IT-businesses, are also part of our extensive network. Curious how we can help you? Contact us if you want to join this network and contribute to solve the challenges of our digital society. 

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