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Safe and reliable

Society needs technologies it can trust. They have to be both safe and robust in order to meet this challenge. This means technology has to work like electricity or water: it’s always there and you never have to worry about its availability or functionality. Sounds easy enough, right? But in practice, achieving this level of reliability is not that common. Servers fail, as do wifi- and physical networks. Sometimes due to technical problems, but also because of human errors or behavior. In an age where DDoS attacks can be purchased online and teenagers hack systems as a hobby, risk management and security is essential for all digital technologies.

Environmental issues, often connected to the energy transition of our society, also pose a formidable challenge. One thing is clear: our electricity networks will change in the next decades. But there are a lot of questions to be answered regarding the way we manage and secure them. This can be done, but this requires a lot of expertise from various fields of knowledge, like IT security, data science and artificial intelligence. At DSI, we are in the unique position to connect the knowledge of the University of Twente to the expertise of our partners, businesses and governments in order to develop digital technologies that are able to meet this challenge.

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Besides the examples mentioned above, we work with almost all faculties at the University of Twente. External partners, ranging from government institutions to healthcare providers and IT-businesses, are also part of our extensive network. Curious how we can help you? Contact us if you want to join this network and contribute to solve the challenges of our digital society. 

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