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The University of Twente's Digital Society Institute (DSI) presents itself as a valuable resource for external and industrial entities in search of specialized guidance within the domain of Digitalisation. Demonstrating a dedicated commitment to collaboration and transparency, DSI actively supports fellow Team-UT members, fostering a culture of mutual benefit and external partnerships. 

In alignment with its constructive approach, the Digital Society Institute offers an accessible and pragmatic avenue for engagement. DSI serves as a facilitator, expertly connecting external partners, including SMEs and industries, with the most suitable UT research groups, laying the groundwork for productive collaborations. By actively aligning with scientific counterparts, DSI demonstrates its commitment to the pursuit of innovative initiatives. Furthermore, the institute's strategic outlook adds a valuable dimension to planning, addressing both immediate and long-term goals. 

Interesting opportunities for companies to collaborate with UTwente over a practical challenge. Take a look at our Engineering Doctorate programmes!
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drs. I. Bante (Iddo)
Business Director DSI