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Changemakers of DesignLab UTwente

DesignLab is a bright and creative environment and a home for new ideas and society friendly innovations. Alongside the clever engineers, designers, and researchers in DesignLab you'll always find DreamTeamers, keeping the DesignLab operational and helping you with your questions. If you are a student at University of Twente, you could be a DreamTeamer too!

Who are DreamTeamers?

As DreamTeamers, we aim to keep DesignLab an open and friendly environment for students, visitors, and other DreamTeamers. We are the ones keeping DesignLab operational, as we are in the space to ensure that everything is working properly. We are there to assist students with their projects and give a modern and fresh touch to different ideas and projects that are happening in the DesignLab. However, we are not only there to make DesignLab’s space more accessible. At DesignLab we work on various projects such as Makers Nights in which students can make use of the workshops to work on their personal projects, Light Bulb chats where we invite guests to present various topics, prototyping beautiful art installations, creating playful methods for turning an idea into a prototype, and much more! Also, we conduct research and use the DesignLab approach in collaboration with the DesignLab researchers, project managers and other internal and external partners.

DreamTeam endeavours
Daily operations & Support

During the day we're at DesignLab to help you prepare rooms for education, events, research and help using the facilities, workshops and tools available. 

For any questions, you can always find a DreamTeamer sitting at the front desk or wandering through DesignLab. 

Combining Art and Science

"[The Eye Catcher installation in TechMed center] is a reflection of past, ongoing, and new connections across different fields to innovate in the healthcare domain. Things are always developing, new connections made, and there is a growth that comes out of it. The artwork itself is also changing constantly - it is able to decide for itself how to light up its surface. In this way, it lives alongside TechMed inhabitants."

- Edo de Wolf, DreamTeamer

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DesignLab hosts various workshops such as the Makers Night, where DreamTeamers stay after hours to keep DesignLab open for students to work on personal projects. They also run educational workshops, where you can learn the basics of using SolidWorks, 3D-printing, and much much more!

Talks & events

Hosting various talks and events for students and guests, such as Tosti Talks -  bringing people together to raise awareness about discuss different topics, inspiring students with the infectious enthusiasm of our guest Tosti Talkers.

Enjoy a tosti as you engage in important topics of today!

The DesignLab family 💚

The DesignLab family consists of numerous inspiring and creative members: the TechTeam responsible for maintaining the workshops and any requests concerning the workshops, DreamTeam operational coordinators who are the mediators to other DreamTeamers and management, DreamTeam project coordinators ensuring seamless project kickstarts, as well as the wonderful Management and Operational Teams helping us keep DesignLab running smoothly. 

Become a DreamTeamer

If you are an enthusiastic UT student who wants to take part in our goal to make an impact on society as a student: Our recruitment takes place once a year in spring.

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