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Now that you are aware of DesignLab's Responsible Futuring approach and areas of expertise, let's see how we can co-create your experience based on the information provided in this form.

Please bear in mind that the estimated time required to fill out this form is takes a few minutes.

DesignLab is an experimental collaborative eco-system for innovative changemakers that connects Society, technology, science and Design. To ensure we are using DesignLab to enable this, we would like to be of an added value to your gathering. This could mean a whole lot of different things, so please be mindful and take your time to think how you can connect with us.

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Dates are important to look at. We want to remind you DesignLab is a collaborative eco-system, we not only look at your gathering, but also look at other gatherings that may be of value to connect to while you are around. 

As we feel it’s important to have a space that feels safe for everyone we would like to look at the capacity together.

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Please answer this question if you're making a reservation for an event.

Please provide the name and email of the primary contact person below:

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Every gathering has a goal and we would like to explore how we can continue to work on your accomplished session.

DesignLab is working on three challenges: Digital Society, Health Innovation and Energy Transition. We find it interesting to see where we can help connect with different stakeholders, use a different approach to tackle your challenge and/or find ways to make things more tangible. DesignLab is creating communities connected to research, that will not only help during this gathering, but to keep co-shaping towards the futures we want to live in.

In this experimental collaborative eco-system, we would like to help you get connected to those who can give you different insights. This can only be done if you are open to others.