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Did alumni end up in their dream job? What are the challenges for our scientists in 2030, and what professions still exist?

In these podcast series, you can listen to stories of graduated master's students and our scientists working on high-impact research at the University of Twente (UT).

Designlab Brew

In this podcast, we feature guests from various backgrounds talking about the exciting world of design, our future and transdisciplinary collaborations. Listen to this podcast on Spotify.

Designlab Brew


Once they studied at UT. Now they work on high-impact projects worldwide. Listen to our graduates from various masters talking about their journey from student to professional. 

I am a PRO

My future dream job

In this podcast series, we embark on a journey to the year 2030 together with host Anic van Damme to explore professions that are now slowly starting to take shape or don’t yet exist at all.

My future dream job

Shaping 2030

In their passion for understanding our planet and improving life for everyone on it, our scientists work on the latest innovations by making wise use of science, technology, and teamwork. Listen to their stories on research, society and dilemmas.