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Sustainability at the UT campus

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Sustainability is an important theme that affects everyone. The younger generations, the current and future students of the UT, will especially experience the consequences of climate change. The UT wants to contribute to solutions through research and education as well as in its own operational management.

This website provides you with information on UT management related to the following themes: green campus, energy, waste, food and drinks, water, mobility, purchasing, education and research and the community. Information on the carbon footprint, awareness and how you can become involved as well as details on the environmental permit and news items can be found here.

We strive not to cause more impact on the earth than the earth can handle. Responsible consumption of resources and limit emissions. How? In the operational management by:

  • Follow Trias Energetica, where the emphasis of energy management is on limiting the consumption of energy.
  • Aim for the upper steps of the 'Ladder of Lansink' on resource management. Prevent disposing of resources or recycle resources optimally.
  • Continue monitoring the CO2 footprint and formulate goals to continue reducing the emissions.
  • Formulate criteria on sustainability for European tender processes. 


trias energetica

ladder van lansink

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