Open data


The University of Twente is a large consumer of various energy resources, enabling 3500 researchers and 11500 students to develop and learn about new technologies. In the past few years, all metering of energy consumption has been digitized and bundled into a central system. However, this system was only accessible to a few people within Campus and Facility Management.

There are more people that would like to have access to the data, however. It was common for CFM to receive questions from students and staff about energy consumption and sustainable measures. The Energy Data platform has been developed to make this information accessible to a broader audience.

Energy Data platform  

The Energy Data platform has been built with full transparency in mind and therefore opens all energy-related data up to the public. By giving everyone a chance to have insight into the data, we create more awareness among students and staff and we gather new insights into our energy consumption. This will lead to more efficient ways to do research and teach students, which helps lowering our consumption of electricity, gas, warmth and water.

The Energy Data platform is also seeing increased internal use by Campus and Facility Management, because it has a wide range of analysis features and corrects erroneous metering data. In the future, it will also entail predefined views to compare energy consumption trends before and after taking sustainable measures.

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