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The UT wants to fulfil its societal duty by stimulating awareness on energy, the environment and sustainability issues. To put this into practice, it has launched the Sustainability, Energy & Environment (SEE) programme, a university-wide programme for managing its sustainability, energy & environmental performance.  

With this programme, the UT wants to achieve a lasting reduction in its consumption of energy and raw materials and its carbon emissions through organizational and technical measures. In the coming period, we will be working on designing and organizing the programme. A steering group, soundingbard group, support group and working group have already been set up for this purpose. The support group will develop and guide the SEE programme by preparing policy documents, monitoring and evaluating performance, supervising the decision-making process and ensuring good communication to all stakeholders. The support group reports to the steering group, which is responsible for decision-making. After adoption by the steering group, the working group will flesh out the programme at the faculty and service level.

Animations SEE programme

We have made two animations in order to explain the why of the SEE program and to show how this program is organised.

Note: the SEE programme is currently being restructured. These animations will be updated to reflect the changes when they have been finalized.

The Why of the SEE programme

Would you like to know more about the SEE programme, have a look at this short animation.

The structure of the SEE programme

Have a look at this animation which provides more insight in the roles and responsibilities of the Support Group, the Steering Group and the Working group.  

Plans & policies

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