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Environmental issues

The environment plays an important role in the activities the UT engages in. Often, the first thing that comes to mind is the laboratory work and the risks posed to the environment, but it is also important to mention the energy that is required to cool, heat and light our offices. In addition, the acquisition, use and disposal of goods and substances are of importance, too. For that reason, the UT has set up hazardous waste regulations. Apart from the obvious themes such as CO2 emissions and soil and air pollution, noise pollution is also an important subject to include when making agreements on the environment. That's why the UT concluded a Party and Activity Protocol, so that everyone knows which rules to abide when organizing these.
The UT has an environmental permit and a discharge permit of the city of Enschede, describing the rules and regulations the UT needs to follow. You can request these rules and regulations from Brechje Maréchal.

Apart from obtaining and complying with the permits, the UT itself also has ambitions regarding the environment and sustainability, which are incorporated in the Sustainability Mission and Energy Mission. To achieve these ambitions, HSE closely cooperates with the Campus & Facility Management department, educational programme departments and research institutes. 

The UT also participates in several covenants on energy efficiency and the environment. For example, the UT has made long-term agreements with the Dutch government ('meerjarenafspraken', MJA) and every year it draws up an energy efficiency plan (EEP). Apart from the topic of energy, these also include themes such as waste, procurement, mobility, etc. The Energy Efficiency Plan 2013-2016 forms the steppingstone for these ambitions.