Societal impact


Working Together to Increase Narrative Competences

The UN sustainable development goal to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages is central to the societal impact we want to make. A particular societal challenge is how to maintain a focus on individual lives of persons in health care and educational systems that are under strain of increasing numbers, efficiency, and bureaucracy. Here, the interplay of stories and technology can play an important role.

We work closely together with professionals and organizations in building their narrative competences. We listen to their needs and together we try to translate these into an adequate design for research and/or intervention. We use a participatory approach in developing interventions, as we are convinced that good interventions bring together the best scientific knowledge, professional expertise, and client’s values with technological solutions. We also offer lectures, trainings, and workshops to increase narrative competences. Last, we make sure that our scientific publications have open access, and we publish in handbooks and professional journals to reach out to professionals.

Professional Publications

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