An empowering story

An Empowering Story

(Een Sterk Verhaal)

This narrative approach offers opportunities to work in a personalized way on personal recovery of persons with personality disorders. Participants write their life story in a triptych, focusing on their past, a turning point, and the future. Their story is digitally composed into a book. The intervention has been developed using a participatory design to integrate the best scientific knowledge with the clinical expertise of professionals and values and preferences of patients. A feasibility study has been carried out that shows that the intervention is well evaluated and might contribute to improvements in personal recovery. The intervention received the 2020 recovery prize from GGNet.

Contact: Silvia Pol

Funding: ZonMW and GGNet

Partners: Scelta, Levensstudio

Published by: University of Twente and Scelta GGNet

Recent publication:

ZonMW. (2021). Binnen de buitenkant: Herstel binnen de GGZ. Den Haag: ZonMW. Link