Wonderful life

Wonderful Life

(Je leven in één herinnering)

What if there is an afterlife. There, all your memories will be erased except for one. Which memory do you choose with you to eternity? This question is derived from Hirokazu Koreeda’s 1998 movie “After Life,” showing people in the process of choosing their own memory to take to the afterlife. This question is asked in workshops for a wide range of participants: professionals such as civil servants, bankers, and training professionals; students in a school for inter- mediate vocational education; people living in an institution for homeless people and women’s shelter; and festival attendants. Qualitative studies have shown that the workshops promote individual and social processes of meaning giving, contributing to both discovering and creating meaning.

Contact: Jacky van de Goor

Partners: Legende Advies

Published by: Ten Have

Recent publication:

Goor, J., Sools, A.M., & Westerhof, G.J. (2021). The emergence of meaning from meaningful moments in life. Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Link