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Dr. Frans H.J.M. Coenen

Dr. Frans H.J.M. Coenen


Building number 10 Ravelijn
Room: RA 1252
Telephone: + 31 53 489 3216

General Information

Frans H.J.M. Coenen (1960) holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Ph.D. in Environ­mental Policy Planning. He is currently department head of CSTM (the Twente Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Development at the University of Twente, within the faculty of Management and Governance) which he joined in 1987. He specialized in (regional) environmental policy planning and in public participation in sustainable development.

His research focuses on local and regional sustainable development. He is a member of the editorial advisory board of the journal ‘Local Environment’ and publishes (comparative) work on regional and local sustainable policies in the Netherlands, including LA21. He was involved in the EU FP5 project PLUS: Participation, Leadership and Urban Sustainability and the FP6 project GFORS (Governance for Sustainability).

He takes a special interest in participation in sustainable development and in the quality of environmental decision making. He (co-)edited two books on this theme and is preparing an edited volume on ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment and Knowledge Production’.

Furthermore he has a particular interest in adaptation problems to local climate change and demographic change.

He has been studying the phenomenon of “brain drain” in the context of regional sustainable development. He did comparative work in a number of projects, in particular the INTERREG III-b NWE project “Human capital in peripheral regi­ons, Brain drain and brain gain” where CSTM was the lead partner and he was project leader. Furthermore, he is leading a pilot on the labour market for higher educated in the Interreg IVc- project DC NOISE: Demographic Change: New Opportunities in Shrinking Europe. He is also involved in the Interreg IVc- project Brain Flow.

He is the chairman of BrainGain, a private foundation, originating from the Twente Region of the Netherlands, with the goal to study and put on the political agenda the relationship between sustainable regional development and the availability of human talent.

In the field of climate change adaptation he has a particular interest in institutional capacity for local climate policies, particular climate adaptation and water. Examples include a project on the playing field for local climate policies with ECN for the National Climate Research Program (Nationaal Onderzoek Programma Mondiale Luchtverontreiniging en Klimaat-verandering (NOP-MLK)) and, the NWO-VAM (Vulnerability, Adaptation and Mitigation)-program project ‘Analysing local climate vulnerability and local adaptation strategies’. At this moment he is involved in "Civil protection and climate vulnerability" (CIVILCLIM) a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council and in a subproject of INTERREG IVb financed, WAVE on ‘Local climate preparedness in municipalities’.

Publications and selected presentations:

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