Final Project

The final project is part of the last stage of your study programme. On this page only the information about the final project is provided. For information about how to complete your master’s degree see “Graduation”. Usually, the final project has a study-load of 40 EC.


During the final project you have the chance to apply the knowledge obtained during your studies to come up with a solution to a specified mathematical problem.


The final project can be executed either internally (at the University of Twente) or externally. However, if it is a combined traineeship and final project, (part of) it has to be executed outside the University.


Prior to starting the final project the student must have an approved course programme (signed by the chair holder). A student may only follow courses during the final project with explicit permission from the chairholder, the supervisors and the master study advisor. Students must have no more than 10 ECs still to complete, other than the final project or, in case of a combined internship/final project 10 ECs in unfinished courses other than the internship and final project. 

All students should have adequate mathematical knowledge. This is to be decided by your graduation supervisor, the master study advisor and possibly the external supervisor.

The graduation supervisor is required to check with the office for educational affairs (BOZ) if the student is indeed allowed to start with the final project. The BOZ should give a definite answer within 2 days.


This roadmap is meant to guide you through the process of executing the final project. It is a guideline, quite general, applicable to final projects of mathematics as well. It is not a formal document, it does not set rules or regulations, but is purely meant as an advisory document. Steps are described that you could follow before, during and at the end of your final project.

See “Graduation” for more information on how to complete your degree.

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