• Normally a final presentation lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. But be sure you also agree with your supervisor about the presentation time.
  • Think about the audience of your final presentation. Even before making the presentation slides, it may be useful to discuss the line of reasoning of your presentation with your supervisors.
  • To prepare for your presentation: you can attend final presentations of other students. Final presentations are public events.

The slides

  • the slides should not be too dense in contents;
  • the font size of your slides should not be too small nor too big;
  • be careful: don't make the presentation too fancy;
  • be careful with the amount of slides you prepare and schedule your presentation;
  • prepare a separate slide for the structure of your presentation.

Delivering the presentation

  • Be sure that you arrive on time at your presentation, and that all the equipment you intend to use (computer, beamer, overhead projector, etc.) is present and properly working.
  • Avoid just reading the text of the slides aloud, but rather explain what is being shown. There should be time left for questions.

Relevant forms

Fill out the form “Announcement final presentation” and submit it to the BOZ-EWI (The Office for Educational Affairs)