Here are some general considerations to prepare further for your final project. For example, when studying materials (articles) related to your project.

Background information

  • Is this material relevant for my final project?
  • Is the material written at a level that corresponds to the requirements of my final project?
  • Does it have the right technical or scientific quality?
  • Do I study the material in an order that corresponds to the relevance of the subjects?
  • Do I study the material at an appropriate level of detail?

Avoid two well-known pitfalls

  • Spend too many hours studying the material in deep detail, while what is required is just that you get a general idea of some approach, method, technique, etc.
  • Study the material superficially, getting just an idea, without really understanding the issues at stake. Sometimes you are required to understand some technique, reasoning, method, etc. at a level that you can apply it yourself. In this case a superficial knowledge is not enough

Refine your plan

  • Clearer project motivation (problem statement)
  • More precise definition of the project objectives, in terms of advances and tangible deliverables
  • Better delimitation of the project scope
  • More realistic time schedule, defining the specific tasks that will be performed during the development and reporting activities, and their time spending and deadlines
  • Resources, such as the software, documentation, etc. that will be necessary to perform the development activity.