The following considerations may help you in finding a suitable final project.

The Requirements

  • The project must address topics in the area of your track.
  • The final project must have a scientific character.
  • The final project should be feasible in time prescribed in the master programme.

Your interests

  • What subjects do I find interesting?
  • Is there a certain issue or theory that fascinates me?
  • Do I have a preference for certain disciplines?
  • Did I enjoy a certain particular course?
  • What are my personal characteristics (implementer, researcher, designer, thinker, etc.)?
  • Would I like to perform my final project in a certain organization (research institute or company)?
  • Do I want to perform a final project that I have defined myself?
  • Do I want to perform a final project connected to the kind of work I would like to do?

Tips to help you

  • Look at the research projects carried out by the groups of the faculties especially the ones related to the track you are in. Often they can be found on the webpages of the groups.
  • Have a look back at the courses that you have followed. Have a look at the textbooks and your notes and ask yourself what you have enjoyed and what you have definitely not enjoyed.
  • Try to identify current technological issues that are of interest for society. Newspapers and television give a lot of information on problems, e.g., within public administration and business, and can therefore be a useful source of inspiration.
  • Take a look at scientific publications (journals, conference proceedings and theses) to find out what sort of research is being done and what sort of scientific problems are relevant at the moment. Most papers and theses contain suggestions for further research at the end. A visit to the library can help you in that.

Talk with your fellow students or lecturers about your interests. A brainstorm session now and then may help you compile your list of interests.