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Searching Process Relevant Scientific Literature Final Project

For your final MSc project you will have to search for scientific literature. To perform this search in a systematic way, please prepare a short report (1-3 pages) that contains the following parts:

1.     Your search question. For what purpose did you search for literature? And further, what kind of information were you looking for (articles, books, facts/statistics)? Also, ask yourself whether there are additional criteria regarding what you are searching for, e.g. recency of the information, language, etc.

2.     The sources you included in your search. Hereby, not only think of Google Scholar, but also of other sources (more extensive) for searching literature and scientific information. You may consult the subject guide for Applied mathematics to get ideas on sources that you can consult.

3.     Search techniques you applied when searching in the sources you mentioned under 2. Please include your search query (with correct use of truncation, parentheses and Boolean operators) and further filtering (e.g. the fields in which you searched or additional refinement to subject areas you may have applied). You may enroll yourself in the course Methodologically and efficiently searching for information to learn more on search techniques (see section 3 of this course).

4.     Evaluation. Please reflect on your search results. Did you find what you searched for? What can you modify in the search question, sources or techniques to increase, decrease the number of results or to get more relevant results with respect to the information you want to find?

5.     A correct reference list of the literature that you found with your search. You can use EndNote or Mendeley to create this list. Please, make sure that it contains all needed information that enables tracking back the literature you found and be consistent in the setup of your reference list.

After you performed your search and prepared the report you can mail it to Samuel Mok (s.mok@utwente.nl). Make sure you send your report in MS Word three weeks before you need approval from the information specialist for graduation. You will get personal feedback on your search. In case of major feedback you may need to improve your search report and send it in again. In case you have any question regarding searching for scientific literature for your project, please do not hesitate to contact Samuel.