CTIT University of Twente
Symposium 2013

General information

CTIT Symposium

Big Data and the Emergence of Data Science

Tuesday 4 June, 2013

University of Twente, building Waaier, room 4 (Prof.dr. G. Berkhoff room)

This year’s CTIT symposium was considered a great success. A photo impression can be found here.

These are the prize winners for the PhD Carousel and the Poster competition.

A big congratulations to you all!

PhD carousel

1. First prize: Pinar Santemiz,

A Video-based Side-view Face Recognition System for Home-Safety Applications,

Signals and Systems group CTIT, University of Twente;

2. Second prize: Steven te Brinke,

Designing Energy-Aware Software,

Information Systems and Software Engineering, CTIT, University of Twente;

3. Third prize: Dong Nguyen,

Social media as a resource to understand more about our culture,

Human Machine Interaction, CTIT, University of Twente.

Poster competition:

1. First prize: Aleida Braaksma,

Integral Resource Capacity Planning for inpatient Care Services
Stochastic Operations Research, CTIT, University of Twente; Poster abstract.

2. Second prize:Hamed Ghasemieh,

Dependability analysis of critical infrastructures
Design and Analysis of Communication Systems group, CTIT, University of Twente; Poster abstract.

3. Third prize, Koen Blom,

Digital Signal Processing for Underwater Acoustic Communications
Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems, CTIT, University of Twente. Poster abstract.