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SenSafety: Sensor Networks for Public Safety

Heterogeneous Sensor Networks for Safety and Security in Public Places

Project Manager: Prof. dr. Paul Havinga

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science - EEMCS

Tel: +31-53-4894619

E-mail: p.j.m.havinga@utwente.nl

Project websites: Sensafety.nl / COMMIT/Sensafety

SenSafety centers on safety and security in public spaces. It is fact that over 40% of people feels unsafe in the city. And, as demonstrated by the recent fire in a chemical plant and storage facility in Moerdijk, the authorities as well as the general public is often not well informed during emergencies.

SenSafety's objectives are twofold. The first one is to increase (perceived) security in the city by means of a network of intelligent lamp posts (iLP) that keep watch over us with cameras and sound sensors. iLPs are able to autonomously analyze situations out of the ordinary and call for help if necessary. The second objective is to inform citizens and authorities about potential emergency situations, such as dangerous levels of CO2 or other substances that define air quality. Information is gathered by sensors in ordinary smart phones and by sensors attached to bikes, utility vehicles and public transport. Spreading information is defined by its context: some information is only interesting locally, or becomes stale after a certain amount of time, while other information has global significance. Communication and sensing are opportunistic and use media and sensors that happen to be available. Information may be gathered centrally, while processed data is given back to the individual users, such as maps that show pollution or noise levels city wide, travel advice, etc.

Project duration: 2011-2015

Project budget: 5.5 M-€ / 2.5 M-€ funding

Number of person months:

Project coordinator: UT

Participants: UT, TU/e, Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO, Politie Dienstencentrum, Philips Research, Ambient Systems, Strukton Embedded Solutions, Thales Nederland, Tendris Solutions

Project budget CTIT: 1.281 k-€; 577 k-€ funding

Number of person months CTIT:

Involved groups: Pervasive Systems, Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems

CTIT Research Centre: Centre for Wireless and Sensor Systems