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Interaction for Universal Access

Project Number: P02

Project Manager: Prof. dr. Dirk Heylen

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Tel.: +31-53-4893745

Email: d.k.j.heylen@utwente.nl

Project website:


This project focuses on the creation of technologies that engage people in rich social interactions. To enable this, systems needs a better understanding of participants' activities and their social cues. Reactions of the system should be timely and reflect the kinds of synchrony that occurs in human-human interactions. On a more global level, this project focuses on the human-media interaction to enhance the self-efficacy of citizens to engage in social interactions involving media-mediated communication & collaboration in virtual environments (for training social skills) and ambient augmented real worlds (such as playgrounds, for instance). Hence, a general research questions is: How to enhance the accessibility and sharing of multimedia information concerning the self-efficacy, social engagement and security awareness of a heterogeneous population? The following are examples of the questions that will be investigated: How to provide natural interaction and natural collaboration in distributed virtual and augmented reality worlds? How to apply Virtual Reality (VR) that lets citizens experience their neighbourhood and fellow citizens to improve their social well-being? How to improve the accessibility of ambient VR environments via sensing devices and speech? How to develop game-based learning methods using virtual humans to acquire social skills?

Project duration: 1-5-2011 / 1-5-2015

Project budget: 6.4 M-€ / 2.6 M-€ funding

Number of person/months: 693 person/months

Project Coordinator: UT

Participants: UT, KLPD, KITT Engineering, Re-Lion, Vicar Vision, T-Xchange, Noldus, TU Delft, TNO, Cinop, Cybermind, Broadfield Security Services, Thales Nederland, Almende

Project budget CTIT: 2.2 M-€ / 980 k-€ funding

Number of person/months CTIT: 284 person/months

Involved groups: Human Media Interaction (HMI)