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PERGAMON: PERvasive Serious GAMes suppOrted by Virtual CoachiNg

Project Number: 644385
Project Manager: Dr. ir. Rieks Op den Akker
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Tel.: +31-53-4893679
Email: h.j.a.opdenakker@utwente.nl


Over the last years, serious games have received increased attention from a variety of contexts. Properly designed serious game are underpinned by both learning theory and computer games theory; the pedagogical foundation ensuring that successful learning outcomes are the primary drivers. Serious games, driven by instructional goals and appropriate application of game mechanics, have considerable potential to engage, motivate and influence behaviours of learners. It is the attributes of games, such as compelling storylines, attainable challenges, rewards, recognition and control that make them so powerful for learning. This is why serious game are replacing the longstanding but outdated traditional learning environment (e- learning or classroom).

In this context, the project aims to facilitate the matching between providers of innovative ICT technologies on the supply side and the creative industry operating in the field of serious games on the demand side. PERGAMON will thus contribute on the one hand to promote the adoption of advanced ICT solutions and on the other hand to improve the competitiveness of creative SMEs operating in the European market of serious games. Specifically, the PERGAMON project aims to support a creative SME in adopting an innovative technology framework for the development of pervasive serious games able to provide personalised gaming experience. Grifo multimedia, the creative SME, needs a flexible, cost-effective and customizable ICT solution that:

  • helps them to channel their creativity in the development of advanced pervasive game dynamics to be applied to virtually any context 
  • supports them to develop new serious game concepts integrated with personalized user assistance by means of a Virtual Coach based on a powerful AI engine
  • offers them a flexible system which is able to add advanced “pervasive” services (such as gathering data from different sensor devices, distributed games through social media, etc). 

GRIFO over the past few years has developed serious games, but intends to leverage the support of the advanced ICT providers in the PERGAMON partnership to further enhance and extend the adaptive features of the game. Drawing on intelligent machine learning, virtual coaching and context-sensitive support within the game, all provided by leading-edge technology companies and research organisations, the PERGAMON framework will be able to provide the end user with a personalized experience of pervasive game. This will lead to an enhancement of the creative capacity of the SME and to the innovation in their offering, creating in this way the conditions for gaining a compettive position in the international serious game market. 

Project duration: 1-1-2015 – 1-1-2017
Project budget: 887 k-€ / 887 k-€ funding
Number of person/months: 144 person months
Project Coordinator: Grifo multimedia srl 
Participants: Grifo multimedia srl, UT, AiSolve Limited, Coventry University, Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei 
Project budget CTIT: 174.5 k-€ funding
Number of person/years CTIT: 22 person months
Involved groups: Human Media Interaction (HMI)
CTIT Research Centre: