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CAD (AgentschapNL / TNO)

Cyber-Attack Detector

Project Number: 
Project Manager: Prof. dr. ir. Aiko Pras / Dr. Anna Sperotto
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Tel.: +31-53-4893778 / 4894095
Email: a.pras@utwente.nl / a.sperotto@utwente.nl 


Cyber-attacks are nowadays more and more often driven by economical motivations, and they have proven to be able to cause considerable damage as well as to undermine our trust in ICT systems. For achieving full-circle protection of a corporate network, early detection of unwanted infiltrations as well as measures against exfiltration of corporate data are becoming a must.  

The CAD project targets the detection of cyber-espionage. The overall goal of the project is the development of a smart sensor that aims at enabling corporate organizations to timely determine if they are victims of digital espionage. In this context, the University of Twente brings into the project its expertise in the analysis, modeling and detection network anomalies by means of flow data. In collaboration with TNO and the University of Amsterdam, the University of Twente aims at investigating possible applications of flow-based approaches to the problem of cyber-espionage.

Project duration: 1-1-2012 / 31-12.2012
Project Coordinator: TNO
Participants: TNO, University of Amsterdam
Project budget CTIT: 130 k-€ / 65 k-€ funding
Number of person/years CTIT: 1 fte/year
Involved groups: Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS)