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FOVEA: Food Valley Eating Administrator/adviser

Project Number: I-5008

Project Coordinator: University of Wageningen, Agrotechnology and Food Innovations

Contact: Dr. Val Jones

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Tel.: +31 53 4894018

Email: v.m.jones@utwente.nl


Unhealthy diet combined with low levels of physical activity are threatening to become the most important cause of ill-health and premature death. Public information campaigns about the serious health consequences of unhealthy eating and drinking have had little or no effect in changing behaviour. Fovea will conduct interactive research in a real life setting into food selection behaviour, eating and drinking habits and the development of new product concepts. The test-bed is the Restaurant of the Future, a real company restaurant in Wageningen, The Netherlands, which is equipped with advanced ICT technology designed to inform consumers about the properties of the eating and drinking choices they are making, and giving them personalised advice to encourage and empower them to meet their health targets. CTIT’s Telemedicine Group will contribute to the research and development of mobile services, decision support and personalized feedback needed to monitor consumption and exercise patterns and to encourage and support healthy eating and exercise choices in daily life.

Project duration: 36 months; 2008-2011

Project budget: € 1.867.300

Funding programme: Pilot Gebiedsbericht Innovatiebeleid

Funding bodies: EZ and Provincie Gelderland

Involved groups: Telemedicine Group