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Evaluating The Cultural Quality of New Media (NWO-Vici)


Project Manager: dr. Philip Brey
Faculty: Behavioural Science
Tel: 053 - 489 4426
Fax: 053 – 489 4799
E-mail: p.a.e.brey@utwente.nl 

Project Summary

This project performs a philosophical and multidisciplinary investigation of the impact of new media and new media culture on the quality of life and the quality of society and culture at large. It is investigated how new media such as Internet, email, computer games, and mobile ICT affect those aspects of everyday life that are found most valuable, such as leisure time, friendship and self-expression. Liberal, conservative, religious, consumerist and postmaterialist worldviews and lifestyles are related to different uses and evaluations of new media, and it is studied what ideals of the good life are difficult to realize in a new media culture, and what ideals are made easier to realize. There are projects that focus on virtual reality and virtualization, computer-mediated social relations, the quality of digital information, perceptions of new media in different worldviews, and methodologies for studying and assessing the cultural quality of new media.

Project duration: 5 years
Project budget: M-€ 1.25 
Number of person/years: 18
Project Coordinator: dr. Philip Brey
Participants: dr. Edward Spence, dr. Adam Briggle, dr. Omar Rosas, and two PhD students to be appointed in November 2006.
Project budget CTIT: M-€ 1.25
Number of person/years CTIT: 18
Involved groups: Department of Philosophy, Fac.of Behavioural Science