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Embedded Adaptive Streaming sYstems

Project Manager: Prof. dr. ir. Gerard Smit

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science – EEMCS

Tel.: +31 53 489 3734

Email: g.j.m.smit@utwente.nl

Project website:


Streaming applications (e.g. for multi-media, medical image processing, wireless communication) are quickly becoming more and more important. They are often realized in the embedded systems domain and are subject to severe constraints concerning non-functional requirements such as time and energy consumption. A crucial element in these developments is to map streaming applications to possibily heterogeneous multi-processor platforms which may consist of hundreds or even thousands of specialized processors. A major challenge is to make the resulting systems adaptive such that they are able to react

automatically to changing circumstances. To master that challenge, a necessary precondition is that the mapping of an application to a multi-processor platform is flexible in the sense that it can be changed at run-time.

Current programming paradigms are not well equipped to include non-functional requirements or mapping directives in the design of a streaming application. Hence, they do not support a flexible mapping mechanism.

This proposal aims at enlarging the adaptivity of streaming applications by developing means to include the aforementioned elements in the specification of a streaming application. In particular, the proposed research will


use Kahn Process Networks (KPNs) as the model of computation for specifying streaming applications, thus building upon and exploiting the extensive prior work on KPNs,


augment KPNs with language constructs to express non-functional requirements of an application,


augment KPNs with directives to map applications to multi-processor systems in a flexible way such that adaptivity is supported while respecting resource boundedness,


develop new metrics to compare the quality of the results of different mappings.

Project duration: April 2008 – April 2012

Project budget: 372 k-€

Number of person/years: 2.4 fte

Project Coordinator: UT

Participants: UT, University of Amsterdam

Project budget CTIT: 186 k-€

Number of person/years CTIT: 1.2 fte

Involved groups: Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems (CAES)