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A Reconfigurable Surveillance System with Smart Sensors and Communication

Project Number: 
Project Manager: Prof. dr. Paul Havinga
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Tel.: +31 53 4894619
Email: P.J.M.Havinga@utwente.nl 


The RECONSURVE-NL (A Reconfigurable Surveillance System with Smart Sensors and Communication)project has been motivated by and aims to address the need to control the rapidly increasing number and complexity of maritime surveillance issues such as illegal immigration especially using small vessels, interoperability between heterogeneous systems, automated cost-effective and efficient decision support. The focus of RECONSURVE-NL is to detect and identify non cooperative small sea going vessels not willing to identify themselves proactively.

Project duration:
Project budget: 3.1 M-€ / 1.3 M-€ funding
Number of person/years: < > person months
Project Coordinator:  
Project budget CTIT: 604 k-€ / 239 k-€ funding
Number of person/years CTIT: < > person months
Involved groups: Pervasive Systems (PS)