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True-wireless mesh networks for transport and logistics

Project Manager CTIT: Dr. Paul Havinga
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
Tel.: +31 53 4894619
Email: havinga@cs.utwente.nl



FREE is a two years research project, running between April 1st 2009 - April 1st 2011. It is funded as part of the Innovation programme PointOne organized by SenterNovem. FREE is coordinated by Ambient Systems - for more information, please contact dr. Stefan Dulman.

Project goals

Currently employed wireless mesh technologies for transport and logistics provide little flexibility as they require significant power to operate. This leads often to very short lived systems, unless powered by mains or by large battery packs. This inconvenience actually cancels out the advantages of employing wireless communication technology.

FREE aims at bringing the wireless mesh networks (active RFIDs, wireless sensor networks, etc.) to the next level employing longed-lived true-autonomous devices and by developing a true-wireless technology combining wireless communication with an energy-scavenging power source. Thus, by true-wireless we mean: autonomous systems having no cables for communication and no cables for the power supply. To enhance the energy-efficiency of currently available mesh networks we make studies at the following levels:

  • Device hardware level - we address energy management and investigate integration with energy harvesting mechanisms;
  • Distributed system level - we investigate energy efficient resource management algorithms and integration of networking protocols with existing infrastructure (e.g. TCP/IP);
  • Application level - we investigate the interaction of the network with existing infrastructure (e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning systems) via a distributed business rules engine.

Project duration: 2 years / April 1, 2009 – April 1, 2011
Project budget:  
Number of person/years:  
Project Coordinator: Ambient Systems BV
Participants: Ambient Systems BV, E.Novation BV, GreenPeak Technologies, IMEC NL, UT, TU Delft
Project budget CTIT:
Number of person/years CTIT:
Involved groups: Pervasive Systems Group