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A Guardian Angel for the Extended Home Environment

Project Number: (ITEA 2) 08018 / Co-financed by Point-One
Project Manager: Dr. ir. Raymond N.J. Veldhuis
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Tel.: +31 53 489 2838
Email: r.n.j.veldhuis@utwente.nl


Statistics show that many personal accidents happen in the residential environment. As much as 6% of the European population needs hospital treatment after a home or leisure accident every year. These accidents lead to great personal grief, loss of productivity and medical cost.

Many people take care of young children or elderly parents. It is a real challenge to combine the care for loved ones with a busy working and social life. People feel a strong need to connect to their loved ones and to be able to provide support when needed. Connectedness provides peace-of-mind.

The goal of GUARANTEE is to research software products and services that provide personal safety in the residential environment. These products and services provide direct support and advice to people in unsafe situations, or they connect people and enable the support of others. The project will investigate the consumer needs and the commercial opportunity for this type of product. Further, the project will develop the software components and services for personal safety as well as the system and software architecture.

Existing home safety products address only the basic needs. The introduction of software-based home safety solutions opens up many new possibilities to bring real innovations to the consumer. Software home safety products leverage the capabilities of existing sensor components, connectivity, and communications infrastructure. The project will develop the signal processing and decision making algorithms for specific home safety situations. Further, the project will develop the software architecture for in-home safety systems and for commercial and community-based home safety services. User interaction is a key element for effective home safety systems.

GUARANTEE will develop 3 demonstrators, for children’s safety, elderly safety and home security. The demonstrators integrate components for sensing, decision making, and for alerting of users. The demonstrators comprise an in-home system and a networked system for commercial or community services.

The GUARANTEE consortium consists of strong and complementary partners: small companies, knowledge institutes and universities, health organizations, service providers, and industrial partners. Each partner has a specific role, ranging from providing specific software algorithm or software architecture to providing application specific knowledge.

GUARANTEE will create the knowledge, software architecture and components to build home safety products and services that provide a significant reduction of accidents and connectedness between people.

The partners in GUARANTEE will exploit these results to create new safety products.

Project duration: 3 years / 1-6-2009 – 1-6-2012
Project budget:  
Number of person/years:  
Project Coordinator: Philips Research
Participants: Philips Research, Philips Applied Technologies, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Noldus, UT, Eagle Vision Systems, Sound Intelligence, Spikes NV, COMmeto, VTT, University Laurea, Videra, Rinnekoti-Säätiö, Seniortec Oy, Innohome, City of Tampere, City of Pori, Ulvilla Municipality, Suomen Omahoitaja Oy, Well Life Center, THALES Research & Technologies, CEA LIST, University Paris XII/LISSI, Praesto, Ensuite-Info, Citypassenger, Hospital Charles Fox, Medialis, Materna, University of Rostock, Technical University of Dortmund, Aipermon GmbH &Co. KG, DOMOLOGIC Home Automation GmbH, Forthnet, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, EIWH, Connect.ie, Institute of Cardiology of Kaunas University of Medicine, Geriatric Clinic of Kaunas University of Medicine, Faculty of Fundamental Sciences of Kaunas University of Technology, UAB Kardiosignalas, Actimage, AltFactor, Siveco, Fundación European Software Institute, University of Deusto, Universidad Polytecnica Madrid, Visual Tools S.A., Ibermatica, ETIC, Hemosoft, Mobilera, Valensas, iDeal Technologies
Project budget CTIT: 561.625 € 
Number of person/years CTIT: 4.2 fte
Involved groups: Signals and Systems (S&S)