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Science Created by You

Project Coordinator: Prof. dr. Ton de Jong
Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, Instructional Technology - IST
Tel.: +31 53 489 3613
Email: a.j.m.dejong@utwente.nl
Project website: SCY


Science Created by You (SCY) will deliver a system for constructive and productive learning of science and technology. SCY uses a flexible and adaptive pedagogical approach to learning based on “emerging learning objects” (ELOs) that are created by learners.

In SCY-Lab (the SCY learning system) students work individually and collaboratively on “missions” which are guided by a general socio-scientific question (for example “how can we produce healthier milk?”) and fulfilling the mission requires a combination of knowledge from different domains (e.g., physics and mathematics, or biology and engineering).

While on a SCY-mission, students perform several types of learning actions that can be characterised as productive (experiment, game, share, explain, design, etc.), students encounter multiple resources, they collaborate with varying coalitions of peers, and they use changing constellations of tools and scaffolds (e.g., to design a plan, to state a hypothesis etc.). The configuration of SCY-Lab is adaptive to the actual learning situation, advising students on appropriate learning actions, resources, tools and scaffolds, or peer learners that can support the learning process. The SCY project aims at students between 12-18 years. A total of four concrete SCY-missions will be developed.

The SCY approach is enabled by the innovative architecture of SCY-Lab that supports the creation, manipulation, and sharing of ELOs (models, data sets, designs, plans, etc.). The central unit in the SCY architecture is a broker that configures SCY-Lab to unfolding learning processes and activities. For this it uses information from pedagogical agents that exploit techniques of educational data mining to monitor information in the SCY repository that stores the ELOs as well as domain information, the log-files of student behaviour, and the recorded chats between students.

Project duration: 01-03-2008 / 01-03-2012
Project budget: 8.5 M-€ / 6 M-€ funding
Number of person/years: 68 fte (total) 
Project Coordinator: Universiteit Twente
Participants: Universiteit Twente, Universitetet I Oslo, Universite Joseph Fourier, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen, Universitetet I Bergen, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V. University of Cyprus, Tartu Ulikool, De Praktijk, Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderwijs v.o.f., Stichting Technasium, Enovate AS, The University of Toronto.
Project budget CTIT: 1.800 k-€ / 1.400 k-€ funding
Number of person/years CTIT: 14 fte (total)
Involved group: Instructional Technology