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Pobe-based Terabit Memory

Project Manager UT: Leon Abelman - MESA [L.Abelmann@el.utwente.nl]
Contact IMPACT: Stefano Stramigioli [S.Stramigioli@utwente.nl]
Contact CTIT: Hylke van Dijk
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Tel: +31 53 489 3038
Fax: +31 53 489 4590
E-mail: hylke.vandijk@utwente.nl


Data storage technology is at a critical point in its development, with two very strong driving forces emerging (i) a ‘societal’ one demanding smaller, lower-power, higher-capacity yet reliable memories for a plethora of multimedia, communication and digital archiving applications; (ii) a technological one brought about by performance 'barriers' facing conventional storage techniques (i.e. superparamagnetic limit for magnetic storage; diffraction limit for optical storage; device scaling limits in solid state (Flash) storage) as they strive for ever increasing densities. The time is hence ripe for new, emerging technologies to enter the storage field. One such emerging technology is probe storage, which has enormous potential to satisfy future needs for ultra-high-capacity, nonvolatile, low-power, low-cost, write-once and re-writable memories.

Previous initiatives driven by ProTeM partners (‘Millipede’ from IBM; FP5 project ‘InProM’ from CEA/Exeter/Twente) showed the feasibility of the probe storage concept for high areal densities. ProTeM will now drive forward with research and development in a range of interlinked science and technology areas in order to move probe storage closer to the goal of fully-functioning devices and systems suited to real storage applications and markets. Ultra-high storage densities (to 10TBit/sq.in) and ultra-high capacities (20TByte in CD-sized area) coupled with high-data rates are envisaged, with a view to applications in the professional storage (archiving and backup) market. The archiving domain is extremely demanding, with stability of the written information and systems expected to last over 50 years. It is also of increasing importance economically, legally and culturally, as regulation drives organisations to store ever more data, and more of our cultural heritage transfers to digital media.

ProTem publications

Project duration: 2006-2010
Project budget: 9.6 M-€ / 5.3 M-€ funding
Number of person/years: 66.75 fte
Project Coordinator: University of Exeter
Participants: University of Exeter, IBM Research GmbH, STMicroelectronics S.r.l., CEA, Fraunhofer, RWTH Aachen, UT, Plasmon Data Systems Ltd., Arithmatica Limited, Alma Consulting Group.
Project budget UT, incl. MESA and IMPACT-part: 970 k-€ / 511.2 k-€ funding – CTIT-part: 105.3 k-€
Number of person/years CTIT: 1.66 fte
Involved groups CTIT: Distributed and Embedded Security (DIES)