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Advanced Process Oriented Self-Directed Learning Environment

Prof. dr. R. de Hoog
Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, Instructional Technology - IST
Tel.: +31 53 489 3575
Email: r.dehoog@utwente.nl

The goal of the APOSDLE project is to enhance knowledge worker productivity by supporting informal learning activities in the context of knowledge workers’ everyday work processes and work environments. This is to be achieved by building and testing a comprehensive and integrated computer based set of work, learn and communication tools. The key distinction of the APOSDLE approach, compared to more traditional (e)Learning approaches, is that it will provide integrated ICT support for the three roles a knowledge worker fills at the professional workplace: the learner, the expert and the worker. Chiefly the support will be provided within the working environment and not in a separate learning environment. It will utilize contextualized communication for knowledge transfer. Finally, it will be based on existing personal and digital knowledge sources available in an organization and does not require the switch to a new system. The basic structure and functionality of the APOSDLE system is independent of a specific work/learn domain.

The project has started in March 2006 and will continue until March 2010. It is funded by the EU. Partners from different EU countries participate inn the project.

Project duration: 01-03-2006 / 28-02-2010
Project budget: 12 M-€ / 7.6 M-€ funding
Number of person/years: 100 fte (total)
Project Coordinator:
Participants: University of Twente, Joanneum Research, Know-Center, SAP AG,
 Graz University of Technology, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft,
 City University London, Fondazione Bruno Kessler,
 European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company -EADS France,
 ISN-Innovation Service Network, ComNetMedia AG, IHK Darmstadt
Project budget CTIT: 1700 k-€ / 900 k-€ funding
Number of person/years CTIT: 12 fte (total)
Involved group: Instructional Technology