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Environmental traffic management through integrated vehicle-road systems

Project Manager: Prof dr Ir B. van Arem
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Tel: +31 53 489 3046
E-mail: b.vanarem@utwente.nl 

traffic management

Project Summary

Especially in the cities, the traffic causes increasing emission of gasses, with harmful effects on the environment. The emission of these gasses is closely connected with the characteristics and dynamics of the traffic flow: type of cars, speed, accelerations and decelerations, traffic jams, shock waves. The goal of the project is to reduce the local ‘pollution pressure’ in an urban environment. The project starts with a literature study on methods to characterize and model this ‘pollution pressure’, as well as an analysis of the ‘pollution pressure’ in relation to characteristics of the traffic flow. Subsequently, a reliable indicator will be developed for the actual ‘pollution pressure’, and an integrated algorithm will be developed to influencing the traffic flows through systems at the sides of roads (e.g., traffic lights, other signalization) and systems within the car (e.g., driver assistance systems). The algorithm will be researched through a traffic model. Finally, the system will be tested and demonstrated in an urban environment through a test vehicle.

The project is carried out within the framework of AIDA, the knowledge centre on Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance with TNO.

Project duration: 4 years
Project budget: 470 k-€
Number of person/years UT/CTIT: 1.8 fte
Participants: University of Twente, TNO, Vialis, Smart Hengelo
Involved group: Centre for Transport Studies (CTS)