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Procedure for publishing a CTIT Technical Report

Procedure for publishing a CTIT Technical Report

(August 2015)

A CTIT Technical Report is an electronic publication that is made available worldwide via the institute’s web site (http://www.utwente.nl/ctit/research/publications/technicalreports/ ) and the EWI EPrints Service (http://eprints.eemcs.utwente.nl/ ). The authors of a Technical Report are responsible for its contents.

Each Technical Report should contain

- a title, the author name(s), and an abstract;

- the body text.

Mentioning key words and ACM Computing classifications (See http://www.acm.org/class/ ) is encouraged but not compulsory.

To publish a new Technical Report the following steps have to be taken by (one of) the author(s):

- log in to your User Area in EPrints and click “Begin a New Item”,

- select “Internal Report” as “Item Type” on the first screen,

- complete the other appropriate fields; fields marked with a * must be entered
before your submission will be accepted. In particular:


select “Internal Report” as “Report Type” on the third EPrint screen (“Publication Information”). As a result some fields will be automatically completed, including the field “number” where it will say “please assign”; this will later be completed by the editor.


if desired, add keywords and Computing classification(s) at the appropriate places on the fourth EPrints screen (“Miscellaneous”).

- upload a pdf file of the full text of your Technical Report,

- click the “Deposit Item Now” button.

The Technical Reports editor for CTIT will check your submission and, if it is found acceptable, he/she will assign a number to it and make the report available from the CTIT and eprints web sites.

Note: for Technical Reports, submitted by an other faculty than EWI/EEMCS, you can send your report by e-mail to the CTIT secretariat: office@ctit.utwente.nl.