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2015: Smart Societies: Safety, Security & Privacy

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Elle de Jonge, MSSM

Chief-Inspector, National Project Manager ALPR Dutch Police
Dutch Police – The Netherlands

Elle de Jonge started his carrier at the Dutch State Police in 1973. After patrolling the streets he has been a firearms and tactical instructor and has been involved for more than 10 years with the Riot units. After this he became a policy officer and from 2006 he was the project manager Research & Innovation of the County of Groningen with the Dutch police. In 2007 he was awarded the Dutch Police Innovation Award with the project PDA-Alert and in 2008 awarded with the IACP Excellence in Technology Award. In 2011 he graduated at the university of Delft as “Master of Security Science and Management”. Elle has worked on several technologies to provide mobile information to police officers on-the-beat to advance policing in the Netherlands. Besides the projects “Police-car of the Future” and “PDA-Alert” he was the driving force behind a proof of concept called Compronet. This project is aiming on a near real-time intelligence system that provides cooperation between ad-hoc groups of participants (civilian and professional) to address incidents in public space with the help of Complex Event processing, social media and civilian participation. There is a great interest in the results of this project all over Europe. On this moment he is the National Project Manager Automated License Plate Recognition and responsible for the transition to one National ALPR system to be used by 50.000 police officers.