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2015: Smart Societies: Safety, Security & Privacy

Abstract (as far available)

Andreas Peter (CTIT)

Genomic Data in Smart Societies and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

In today's "hybrid" society we are unconsciously observed and continuously assisted by ICT systems. Due to recent developments in genomics and the constant drop in prices for genomic sequencing, this observation and assistance nowadays even considers our genomic profiles, i.e., our most sensitive data, the DNA. It is predictable that the positive impact on our society and on medical research through personalized medicine or large-scale genomic analysis will be huge. However, the increased availability of genomic data will also have a very negative impact on our privacy. Genetic discrimination or the incrimination by synthetic genomic material planted at a crime scene represent just two serious examples showing the risks of modern genomics. The relatively young field of "Genome Privacy" addresses privacy issues related to genomic data. In my presentation, I will first give an overview of the risks associated with genomic data processing and talk about major privacy challenges. I will then show promising research efforts on privacy-enhancing technologies that aim at overcoming some of these privacy challenges.